Design System Manager
Plugin for Adobe XD
Creating Themed Designs is Not Easy!
With the Asset panel in Adobe XD, you can already manage design tokens such as colors, gradients, text styles and share them between design elements within your document.
Creating themed design systems is hard. Just to make a simple color theme, for each theme variation you need to:
Duplicate all tokens and rename each of them (e.g., $background-light -> $background-dark).
Make copies of all artboards and apply the corresponding design token for this theme to each element in the artboard.
Repeat all the changes for other themed artboards to maintain system consistency for any change in the master artboard.
It is a cumbersome and error-prone process, that wastes time.
StatesAaColor ThemeLightDarkCustom ThemeVersion 1Version 2
Solution : Stateful Design System Manager
Toolabs DSM Plugin takes style management one step further with its stateful design system management which enables you to declare all the possibilities of your design without being have to copy and paste the artboards.
First, you declare the possible states of your design, which are not limited to only color themes but might be for multilingual copy text or even for different versions of your work.
Then, you select the desired state and change the value of style tokens to be applied for the selected state, without even touching your artboards, the changes will be applied to design elements, that is all!
Moreover, you are not limited to a single list of color variations, but can generate n-ary cartesian product of multi-dimensional state declarations. An example is easier to show :
Each combination of variations is a unique state (e.g, Light Color + Low Elevation + French Language)
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